Perch Fishing

Perch are schooling fish and anglers who are catching smaller fish will usually move to search for a school of larger ones. Bait fishermen routinely employ number 4 or 6 hooks baited with worms, leeches, small minnows or even thin shreds of fish meat. When Perch are spawning, anglers suspend tiny minnows or insect larvae near fish holding bottom structure. Reefs or rocky drop-offs in 20 to 40 feet of water with moderate weed growth are often Perch hotspots. The fish are tempted with tiny, slowly retrieved jigs, spinners, and spoons, often tipped with a small strip of fish meat.

Most of the summer perch can be caught off the dock at Deluxe Camp.

Opening Season: Open All Year

Limits: S:50 C:25