White Bass Fishing

Generally rarely found north of the Great Lakes you can catch these in Lake Nipissing, sometimes called silver bass.

The white bass is essentially a fish of larger rivers and lakes. It travels in large schools near the surface of the open waters in June, July and August, and has been taken frequently on quiet shores or near the surface on the windward side of the lake. lt shows semi migratory habits and enters tributaries of lakes or tailwaters in large schools.

Young white bass feed on plankton, aquatic insects and crayfish. Adults have been observed to feed extensively on the emerald shiner in the spring and on gizzard shad in the fall.

White bass grow rapidly the first year, attaining a length of four to five inches by autumn; the second year, seven to eight inches; and the third year, eleven to thirteen inches. Their life span is short, few survive beyond the fourth or fifth year.

Opening Season: 3rd Saturday in June

Limits: S:6 C:2