Bass Fishing

After fishing this lake for the past 5 years and putting much of my focus on Large Mouth Bass and seeing the lunkers being brought in or the pictures being taking and send to us I can say Lake Nipissing will be Top Tier Mecca fishing lake for bucket mouths.

The lack of fishing pressure and the shear size of this lake and shorelines means there are fish that haven’t seen a boat in there life time, they don’t know about drop shots, senko’s or how to resist top water.

Finding them is not all that hard, early in the season any creek or river mouth with good weed cover will work as the water warms up but before the lily’s are in full swing look for man made shade under docks. Once the lily’s are full grown find the edges and point and work them hard.

My #1 fishing crutch and fall back is top water plastic frog’s and I suspect it always will be for Large mouth bass. To get them to break the surface to getting that hook set in is and art form, I highly recommend Live Target frogs and Stanley Plastic Rabbits for this purpose.

Not one to be happy with just top water I am also mixing it up with drop shots and weighted senko’s or any other weed-less fishing method I can learn.

So if your new to bass fishing or a pro come to Deluxe Camp and try catching some of the best fighting fish around.

Opening Season: 3rd Saturday in June

Limits: S:6 C:2