Walleye Fishing

Located central to the North West Bay Deluxe Camp has a front row seat to the migtating walleye from the lake to the spawning beds deep in the bay.

Size’s caught at the camp range from the 1/2 lbs to the 6 plus lbs and are best caught near dark.

Vertical jigging with a minnow or worm around the bridge or slowy trolling the weed lines will work in your favor. Hungry walleye dispersing from spawning areas seldom refuse a jig, especially when tipped with a minnow or a worm. Vertical jig or cast to rocky shorelines, shoals, and weedlines. In stained lakes, chartreuse, lime green, yellow, pink, and white are effective jig colours. When adding bait, use a stinger hook to catch walleye that strike short.

Opening Season: 3rd Saturday in May

Limits: S:2 C:1, None less than 46cm